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Band Project: Cell Necrosis

Abbyss Beyond Oblivion Album Cover by Cell Necrosis

I joined the best worst electronic filth deathcore doom death brutal metal band of all time. Meet Cell Necrosis at Bandcamp Here are the release notes of their first album (sry, German): Cell Necrosis conjures Abbyss Beyond Oblivion PROMO Gesang …. Lanzelot Gitarre … Thannatos the Torturer Drums ….. Beholder of the Blade the Third […]

What happened since 1985…

When I think back, there were some essential steps on my artistic road to present time – steps that changed the way I work as well as the way I think aboout music and sound (in my opinion, both always go together). My real name is Jan C. Obergfell, which should explain my pseudonym “jco”. […]

Song: End Credits

This is a little orchestral piece, first presented at The Ultimate Meeting 2010, placed first in the streamed music competition. Download “End Credits” (mp3)

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