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Revision 2012 Jingles

I made the party jingles for Revision 2012 (a demoparty). Here they are, for your enjoyment and reliving the moment 🙂 Revision 2012 Jingle (zip, all 9 variants, mp3, ~11MB) Listen to the extended version:

Game: Earworm

Earworm is an innovative game for Windows. You make the soundtrack: All music is arranged in realtime based on your game-actions. Download “Earworm” (zip, ca. 28MB) Can you find the supersecret Keycombo for starting the game in the supersecret HappyHardcore-Mode? To run the game in fullscreen-mode, set “fullscreen = 1” in earworm ini. Resolution and […]

Seminar: It’s all about the sound (Revision 2011)

An entertaining beginners seminar I held at the demoscene party Revision 2011. There are some obvious mistakes in there (yeah, talking English confuses me!). Consider it your task to find them 😉 Synopsis: The process of mixing aims at putting audio tracks together in a way that sounds pleasing to the listeners ear, at the […]

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