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Ghettoscene 2014 Jingles

I made the party jingles for Ghettoscene 2014 (a demoparty). Here they are, for your enjoyment and reliving the moment 🙂 Ghettoscene 2014 Jingle (zip, all 8 variants, mp3, ~20MB) Listen to the themesong:

Song: Loving You

Here’s a new vocal trance track I released at Evoke 2013. Got placed third in the mp3 music competition. There you go: Evoke 3:30 Edit: Original version:

Seminar: How to make good music (Revision 2012)

An entertaining seminar I held at the demoscene party Revision 2012. Synopsis: What makes a good song? I will try to answer this ultimate question once and for all. This presentation is about the effects of music and how to achieve them. From a pragmatic standpoint I talk about how to use knowledge of audience […]

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