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Song: Loving You

Here’s a new vocal trance track I released at Evoke 2013. Got placed third in the mp3 music competition.

There you go:

Evoke 3:30 Edit:

Original version:

Seminar: How to make good music (Revision 2012)

An entertaining seminar I held at the demoscene party Revision 2012.

What makes a good song? I will try to answer this ultimate question once and for all.
This presentation is about the effects of music and how to achieve them. From a pragmatic standpoint I talk about how to use knowledge of audience expectations, clichés and stereotypes to achieve certain predictable effects. The presentation again features hand-drawn slides and live demonstrations. This seminar is for everybody interested in music and creativity in general, many of the presented concepts can be applied to other forms of art just as well.

Here are the slides for further enjoyment:
Revision 2012 seminar slides

This is the unedited recording from Revision 2012. The original file is available at scene.org. Thanks to the Revision 2012 seminar team!

Revision website: http://revision-party.net

Revision 2012 Jingles

I made the party jingles for Revision 2012 (a demoparty).
Here they are, for your enjoyment and reliving the moment 🙂

Revision 2012 Jingle (zip, all 9 variants, mp3, ~11MB)

Listen to the extended version:

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