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Game: Earworm

Earworm is an innovative game for Windows. You make the soundtrack: All music is arranged in realtime based on your game-actions.

Download “Earworm” (zip, ca. 28MB)

Can you find the supersecret Keycombo for starting the game in the supersecret HappyHardcore-Mode?

To run the game in fullscreen-mode, set “fullscreen = 1” in earworm ini. Resolution and quality settings are there too. THE GAME IS OPTIMIZED FOR 16:9 ASPECT RATIOS AND HD RESOLUTIONS! But 16:10 will most likely also work.

The game features a realtime sample-playing and sequencer-engine which recombinates samples and loops based on musical criteria, completely controlled by the game.
It even features dynamic processing and turntable-like control of playback speed. The idea was to write a game music synthesizer with a simple API like

  • play a song
  • change to another part of that song at the earliest possible opportunity
  • react appropriately to fuzzy dramaturgic measurements like “amount of danger”
  • smoothly change tempo
  • play stuff in parallel

Of course, the result has to

  • always sound good, “musical” and “fitting”
  • stay always in sync with the game
  • never stop

So I hacked a lot of assumptions about the structure of music into the controller engine, and came up with a manageable system of describing “songs”. The possibilities and permutations are without limit, I will most likely further explore the area of realtime interactive music and visualisation systems.

Enjoy 🙂

Earworm Screenshots


  1. Bombe says:

    Works with Wine (1.2.2) on Ubuntu (10.10).

  2. Leszek says:

    No Mac wersion?:(

  3. zlandael says:

    This game is quite awesome. My personal best is 4583.
    But now, I’m really curious about the HappyHardcore-mix mode. All I’m doing now is smashing my keyboard with my hands, oops. :v

  4. Mark James says:

    Great game! lots of fun. But how do you get into the “HappyHardcore-mix mode”? I would love to see what that is all about.

  5. MsK` says:

    Still no iphone/android version ? Would you release the source code so we could port it to other platforms ? (tablet / touch screen thingy version would be sooo nice…)

  6. Entf says:

    Super awesome!

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