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Seminar: It’s all about the sound (Revision 2011)

An entertaining beginners seminar I held at the demoscene party Revision 2011.

There are some obvious mistakes in there (yeah, talking English confuses me!). Consider it your task to find them 😉

The process of mixing aims at putting audio tracks together in a way that sounds pleasing to the listeners ear, at the same time bringing out the best of the music. While it has become easy to put some music together with an average netbook, getting the mix right not only requires the right tools, but also some knowledge about how to use them: clicking through presets doesn’t help here. This seminar will be about acoustics and perception, audio gear, the typical tools required for mixing and recommendations on how to use them. So, if you make music yourself and have none or little experience with EQs, dynamic processors, stereo imaging, routing and so on, this is for you. If you are involved with coding games or other applications incorporating audio, you might learn something too.

Here are the sine-wave-examples:



This is the unedited recording from Revision 2011. The original file is available at scene.org. Thanks to the Revision 2011 seminar team!

Revision website: http://revision-party.net

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