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Video: Calm

Winner of the animation competition at Evoke 2014 (a demoscene party in Germany). All footage has been recorded in Cologne. I used a custom paint-look algorithm based on the one by Zden/Satori. You can experiment with it here: face.haluska.sk.

Download mp4

Calm on pouet.net

Song: Loving You

Here’s a new vocal trance track I released at Evoke 2013. Got placed third in the mp3 music competition.

There you go:

Evoke 3:30 Edit:

Original version:

Video: “Klick mich”

So here is the trailer I made for Julia Schramms book “Klick mich: Bekenntnisse einer Internet-Exhibitionistin”.

Seminar: How to make good music (Revision 2012)

An entertaining seminar I held at the demoscene party Revision 2012.

What makes a good song? I will try to answer this ultimate question once and for all.
This presentation is about the effects of music and how to achieve them. From a pragmatic standpoint I talk about how to use knowledge of audience expectations, clich├ęs and stereotypes to achieve certain predictable effects. The presentation again features hand-drawn slides and live demonstrations. This seminar is for everybody interested in music and creativity in general, many of the presented concepts can be applied to other forms of art just as well.

Here are the slides for further enjoyment:
Revision 2012 seminar slides

This is the unedited recording from Revision 2012. The original file is available at scene.org. Thanks to the Revision 2012 seminar team!

Revision website: http://revision-party.net

Song: Change has come

Here’s a new orchestral piece, first presented at Revision 2012 in the streamed music competition. Enjoy!

Download “Change has come” (mp3)

Revision 2012 Jingles

I made the party jingles for Revision 2012 (a demoparty).
Here they are, for your enjoyment and reliving the moment :)

Revision 2012 Jingle (zip, all 9 variants, mp3, ~11MB)

Listen to the extended version:

Song: The Towers of Atlantis

Here’s a new orchestral piece, first presented at The Ultimate Meeting 2011 in the streamed music competition. Enjoy!

Download “The Towers of Atlantis” (mp3)

Game: Earworm


Earworm is an innovative game for Windows. You make the soundtrack: All music is arranged in realtime based on your game-actions.

Download “Earworm” (zip, ca. 18MB)

Can you find the supersecret Keycombo for starting the game in the supersecret HappyHardcore-Mode?

To run the game in fullscreen-mode, set “fullscreen = 1″ in earworm ini. Resolution and quality settings are there too. THE GAME IS OPTIMIZED FOR 16:9 ASPECT RATIOS AND HD RESOLUTIONS! But 16:10 will most likely also work.

The game features a realtime sample-playing and sequencer-engine which recombinates samples and loops based on musical criteria, completely controlled by the game.
It even features dynamic processing and turntable-like control of playback speed. The idea was to write a game music synthesizer with a simple API like

  • play a song
  • change to another part of that song at the earliest possible opportunity
  • react appropriately to fuzzy dramaturgic measurements like “amount of danger”
  • smoothly change tempo
  • play stuff in parallel

Of course, the result has to

  • always sound good, “musical” and “fitting”
  • stay always in sync with the game
  • never stop

So I hacked a lot of assumptions about the structure of music into the controller engine, and came up with a manageable system of describing “songs”. The possibilities and permutations are without limit, I will most likely further explore the area of realtime interactive music and visualisation systems.

Enjoy :)

Earworm Screenshots

Song: Joy has found me (feat. Mel Summer)

Here’s a trance thingy I made with a friend for Evoke 2011:

Download “jco feat Mel Summer – Joy has found me”

Seminar: It’s all about the sound (Revision 2011)

An entertaining beginners seminar I held at the demoscene party Revision 2011.

There are some obvious mistakes in there (yeah, talking English confuses me!). Consider it your task to find them ;)

The process of mixing aims at putting audio tracks together in a way that sounds pleasing to the listeners ear, at the same time bringing out the best of the music. While it has become easy to put some music together with an average netbook, getting the mix right not only requires the right tools, but also some knowledge about how to use them: clicking through presets doesn’t help here. This seminar will be about acoustics and perception, audio gear, the typical tools required for mixing and recommendations on how to use them. So, if you make music yourself and have none or little experience with EQs, dynamic processors, stereo imaging, routing and so on, this is for you. If you are involved with coding games or other applications incorporating audio, you might learn something too.

Here are the sine-wave-examples:



This is the unedited recording from Revision 2011. The original file is available at scene.org. Thanks to the Revision 2011 seminar team!

Revision website: http://revision-party.net

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